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Court reporting technology is our specialty.

International Reporting

Conducting discovery outside the United States?  We have a team of seasoned international reporters prepared to protect your record anywhere in the world.    Read more >

Professional Ethics

Wasilewski Court Reporting is committed to the profession of court reporting and the highest codes of practice to preserve the integrity of the profession.    Read more >

Groundbreaking Technology

The team at Wasilewski Court Reporting has an impressive reputation for delivering the latest in court reporting and litigation support technologies.   Read more >


Let us help you win your case. Our knowledge of advanced court reporting technologies will enable you to instantly share the record with your clients, your staff, and your experts. Our experience and skill will increase your value to your clients and help you control costs. We can put your record at your fingertips instantly. From the moment you begin to create a record, we deliver the best products you can get.

We are using Zoom, Teams, Webex, etc., every day in these Covid times.  We’re hosting hybrid meetings every day now also.  Call us for details and we’ll get you set up for your next remote event.