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Since its beginning, Wasilewski Court Reporting has been an agency committed to providing topnotch service to its clients, the courts, and the community. Wasilewski Court Reporting values honesty and integrity and maintains the highest standards when dealing with our clients, contractors, affiliates, vendors and employees. Each member of our team has made an individual commitment to our company’s common goal:   Providing the very best court reporting services available anywhere in the world.

The reporting agency you select does make a difference. We’re a first-class agency and we will always strive to do better than anyone else.See what our clients have to say about us:  Click here


Susan D. Wasilewski

Realtime Systems Administrator

Susan has always loved court reporting. She enjoys the challenge of weaving stenography, technology and travel into the intricacies of litigation. Since beginning her reporting career in 1987, Susan has reported high-profile civil and criminal cases in North and South America, the Caribbean, and throughout Europe and Asia. Need realtime in a deposition, courtroom, streamed over the Internet or to The Cloud? Susan can do that.    Read more about Susan.

“Our staff and reporters work together as a team. We do our best to be our best.”