Court Reporting Services

Business Interview

  • Depositions, Examinations Under Oath, Sworn Statements
  • Hearings, Trials, Arbitrations, Meetings, Mediations
  • CART Captioning Services
  • Official Transcripts

Realtime Reporting     Imagine Instant Transcripts!  Bring your own notebook or tablet, or borrow ours.  Our realtime connection will allow you to view the transcript on your screen in realtime, as it’s happening. You can refer back to it to clarify an answer before you ask your next question.  You can highlight or annotate it to prepare for cross-examination.  Take the rough draft and your notes with you when you’re done.  This is a great service offered by the best reporters in the Central Florida Area.  Many of our clients won’t conduct discovery without it!

Streaming to the Cloud   We can supply the same instant transcription to you and your clients virtually while the examination or proceedings are occurring.  Open a chat window and communicate with your team during the proceedings.  Improve your record with realtime reporting provided by Wasilewski Court Reporting. 

Electronic Transcripts     We provide searchable E-Transcripts and PDFs with built-in word indexes. There’s no need to purchase software to use our electronic transcripts. Do you want your scanned exhibits linked to your transcripts? We can do that. Is your office going paperless? We can help you with that too.

Condensed Transcripts     Make your load a little lighter and save a tree! Condensed transcripts can reduce a 200-page transcript down to 25 sheets of paper. Consider the portability and storage advantages.

Word Indexes     Delivered with all hard copy transcripts and built right into your electronic transcripts. Simply clicking on the word in the index takes you instantly to the spot in the transcript where the word appears.

Expedited Delivery     We guarantee on-time delivery. You will get your transcript when you need it.  Period.

Transcripts via the Internet     Wasilewski Court Reporting’s repository grants you instant access to the transcripts and Bundles you’ve purchased. As an authorized user, you can log into our secure repository to find the materials you need and download them immediately. Our repository is an alternative delivery system. You download your transcript files as soon as they’re  completed.


The same realtime technology we use for our instant transcripts allows us to provide CART Captioning (Communication Access Realtime Translation).  We translate the spoken word from steno into English text on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone instantly.  Think captions on TV.  This technology is primarily used by people who are deaf or hard of hearing, but benefits interpreters during proceedings with highly technical terminology.  It also helps witnesses whose second language is English.  Seeing the questions being asked, not just hearing them, helps with comprehension and helps you get a more reliable transcript.

The Americans with Disabilities Act specifically recognized CART as an assistive technology which affords “effective communication access.”